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"SMX is the best address for topics such as SEO/SEM!" said Vaceslav Klassen (Rohde & Schwarz) after attending to the previous edition of the event.

As Webmecanik will be in Munich in two short weeks as an exhibitor for the first time in Germany; this quote gives me an excuse to remind communication agencies the difference between “online visibility” and “conversion rate” regarding a website!

This may sound obvious. But through many conversations with heads of agencies – either in Germany, France or UK – I can tell you this short info will save me a bunch of recurring explanations… What is obvious to many of us – marketing-oriented software editor – shall not be taken for granted talking to final clients, nor partners.

Rocket science and marketing in the same sentence (sic!)

Attracting traffic on one’s website is key for marketers. But what is the point in investing in tools and resources if the conversion rate on your website decreases at the same time?

Lets talk about rocket sciences: conversion rate equals number of visitors converting divided by total traffic multiplied by a hundred (!) You got my point: increasing your traffic structurally leads to a lower conversion rate.

This is where marketing automation can help you justify your SEO-SEA-SEM-SMM investment… (By the way if you got all these acronyms, we need to meet each other! Booth#3 )

Keep monitoring online visibility. Enrich it with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation focuses on qualifying, segmenting and nurturing your online visitors. Through online forms, emailing, or landing pages, you can initiate (and automatize!) a personalized relationship with your visitors. I remember reading the bible of viral marketing by Seth Godin, he took this example: what a fantastic visibility being speaker at a renowned conference, but being on the scene prevents you from exchanging visit cards and start a conversation with any of the attendees!

Well it goes quite the same way online when you don’t use marketing automation. Do you want to convert visitors and start making business with them? Please, come and visit us at SMX Münich the 16 & 17 of March!


Let's meet us :

Lucile CazesMarketing Manager chez Webmecanik, mon rôle de chef d'orchestre me permet de créer et mettre en place notre stratégie webmarketing. Pour cela, ma curiosité (qui n'est plus un vilain défaut !) est le meilleur atout pour vous proposer du contenus de qualité, des astuces et bonnes pratiques du Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing. 

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