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The cycle of life continues

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This year marks Eureos’ 9th anniversary. We have a lot to celebrate and we have two announcements to make. But let’s start with a look back over the road we’ve travelled.

1510_wmk_changement_nom (2)

Our story

The company was founded in 2006 by Jérôme and Jean-Marc whose project was to put industrial companies in contact with one another through a market place that would generate business opportunities. However, even though market places generally succeed in creating important customer relationships, the editor had a hard time maintaining a healthy and profitable business model. They were however able to develop expertise in web marketing and lead generation for their industrial clients.

In August 2012, I created the French Flair Company to assist entrepreneurs in their internet adventure using a marketing approach inspired by the 80s marketing captain Philip Kotler: segmentation, targeting, adapt the message. A genuine revolution!

Well, alright, not really. The fact remains that this enabled some to go from a showcase “We sell bolts in compliance with the 2012 standard” website to a genuine referencing machine by just using WordPress and a few lines of content targeted to each market segment.

French Flair Company bought Eureos in January 2013 to provide our clients with proven digital expertise. Eureos became the company heading the business and FFC the holding company that was renamed Big Bisous, meaning Big Kiss in French — a not so wonderful surprise for my lawyer. Not my problem. In January 2014 we bought Ikalia from Daniel to bring the team to 6 people. In the dowry was a white-label license, smoothly called Webmecanik, held by the American company Net-Results based in Denver, Colorado: we had just discovered the
Holy Grail: Marketing Automation. Pierre joined our team to clear up the joyous clutter we had accumulated.

And we went with the flow. We started writing our first scripts with our oldest clients, small to medium-sized industrial companies from our geographical region. Then we decided to turn it up a notch and hired a young expert in industrial marketing — Norman — who is the proud designer of a toilet sold at Leroy Merlin, one of France’s number one DIY stores! From there, the sky is the limit!

We logically started developing new software to adapt to the needs of our clients. In addition to Webmecanik, we also added Cockpit to concatenate analytics data, Publishing to organise content publication and Convert to industrialise landing page creation and to contribute to their widespread use. But we ended up spreading our energy and competence too thinly.

A technological cornerstone

On So’s and Daniel’s birthday 11 August 2015, we made the decision to focus on the process that brought our clients the most value: Marketing Automation. So this is our first announcement.

We bring our experience in website data analytics and performance. We are experimenting with visual and audio stimulation for what will be tomorrow’s web twin, the Internet of Things. We are curious and we love to play.

But most importantly we have integrated the Mautic community, an open source Marketing Automation framework. This framework made it possible for us to develop a new generation, multilingual Webmecanik with identical features in less than three months. And it’s an incredible opportunity to work with a community of developers and integrators from all over the world. We will share our DNA and gain from the diverse visions and interests our new playground is providing us.

A new name

Stephen Hawking rightfully says “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Our second announcement is our name change.

We could not stand one more day of spelling out our name — EU-RE-OS, E…U…R…E…O…S … Echo Uniform Romeo Echo Oscar Sierra.

It started driving us crazy. And as we intend to enter into the German and British markets, with our charming (yes, CHARMING) French accents we thought it really was going to be a linguistic nightmare.

We could say we brainstormed like crazy, we could say we called on some of the most creative thinkers around Lake Annecy to find our new name. Nope. We were sitting on our own goldmine: “Webmecanik” was as obvious as a zit on the nose of a prom queen! And it brought us out of craftsman work to industrial web technology, thanks to good ol’ Uncle Daniel.

So our new adventure has begun: creating the logo, corporate identity, mission, new website and the content to go with it. The entire team came together as one while they continued working for our clients… business as usual. Emile “El Genius” pulled out his double dozen box of markers and selected the most beautiful purple in the universe. Myriam created 22,324 tasks allocated to 8 different people. So’ and Norman burned both night and day to create the content and scripts for inbound marketing (you know of course, we do practice what we preach!) No pain, no gain. And our sweat paid off. Now the entire Webmecanik team is happy to introduce a panel of communication tools that are totally in line with our trustworthy and valuable service. Let’s start with this new website that you are surfing. What do you think?

Stéphane Couleaud,

Questions and Answers

If you change names, what’s going to happen to your website and blog?

All the pages that use our old name,, will be redirected to pages with our new name, You don’t have to do anything. Relax and enjoy the ride!

What address should we use to send you snail mail?

Even though our office has undergone quite a bit of renovation to give Pierre enough room to take a nap and snore to his heart’s content without bothering Emile who enjoys drawing in his sketch pad while sitting on the carpet, you will continue to find the bar (yes, we have a bar in our office, and we use it every day) at 6 avenue de Thônes, 74000, Annecy, France. Our postman is a charmer and he will bring it to us even if you address it to Echo Uniform Romeo…

Is Webmecanik the brand name or the company name?

Both of them, O Captain! My Captain! (This question and answer is a tribute to and inspired by Captain Train).

If our entire brand identity falls under the proud colours of Webmecanik, it’s also the case for our corporate entity. Noël, our dear accountant, has drawn up the papers just for that. So if you could write your cheques out to Webmecanik we’d appreciate it. Our banker is a bit less flexible than our postman.

About the author

J’ai fondé et je dirige Webmecanik depuis 2012. Notre métier est de proposer aux agences conseil un logiciel de Marketing Automation en Open Source qui s’adapte aux besoins de tous leurs clients. 20 ans d’expérience dans le logiciel puis la direction d’une agence web marketing m’ont convaincu qu’il faut rendre le Marketing Automation aussi naturel que de trouver un commerçant aimable dans un magasin en dur.

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