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A Weekend in La Rochelle and an Unstoppable Sales Process

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The sales and marketing team at Webmecanik focuses on a unique goal as its offer is now going international: GROWTH.
Acquiring clients and assisting them in a way that only we know how, and attracting the best new talent and developing them is not easy. To keep our dynamic and solution-oriented approach we needed to coordinate to build…a sales war machine.

The weekend of the 17th of June saw five of the sales and marketing team’s Webmecanicians trade the beautiful Annecy for the ever-so-enchanting La Rochelle on the West Coast of France. The aims of which were twofold: do some teambuilding activities and define our sales process.

Before arrival the plan was that teambuilding would take the form of surfing over two days with some guidance from Webmecanik’s very own surfing expert, Jonas Couffignal. The eagerness to build the team spirit was so strong that on the first day this plan changed to also include wakeboarding in the evening.

After a day of Emile, Jonas, and Sophie traversing the wakeboard course with ease whilst Thibault and I were repeatedly ripped at speed to hit the water face first with varying degrees of elegance; we all agreed that the real work should begin. Of course not without first encountering with Irish fans en route to Bordeaux who definitely knew what team spirit was; and trying some of the best oysters the world has to offer fresh from Île de Oléron. Nonetheless, bodies aching, a tad sunburnt, and full from seafood, the team embarked on mission two…a sales war machine!


A what machine?!

Indeed, despite the intimidating name we had to synchronise and coordinate the individual actions of our sales and marketing team; who were, prior to this, left only to personal initiative to decide upon which communication channels to use and which to avoid. By monitoring each of our numerous interactions with clients we aim to be capable of identifying and replicating the methods that actually generate business, scaling them in line with our global ambitions, and accurately forecast various KPIs.

Standardising this process a bit more is not to take away from the individual touch and preferences we all have and want to preserve, after all this is what makes us unique at Webmecanik; but rather to make sure that we try our best to cover all bases in order to contact our prospects how they want to be contacted. When evolving into different markets which are uncharted territory this is even more essential as we want to avoid any blind spots.

Working with our designer, Emile, we have now created our official internal sales blueprint that will be distributed to all sales and marketing team members, new and old. Forming like Voltron each member can now come together with the explicit knowledge and understanding of each of our approaches to create one unstoppable sales war machine.

With the team stronger than ever (well, perhaps after a week of rest), the vision in place, and processes explicitly defined there is no obstacle undefeatable.

Perhaps you’ve already created a sales war machine of your own but under different circumstances. If so please let me know, I’d love to hear about them.

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Webmecanik account manager, professional beard grower, and mean Carbonara maker. Studying business management has taken me across most of Western Europe, yet I’ve still to find a room where I’m the smartest person there. A willingness to listen, learn, and contribute continues to shape my interactions with clients. If you promise to only laugh a little bit at my Scottish accent, I’m more than happy to help whenever you want.

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