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Webmecanki Automation : segmenter


Attract new visitors, obtain their contact details, and enrich their profile. Distinguish between your IQLs, MQLs, and SQLs on autopilot.

Webmecanik Automation : nourrir

Precisely stimulate your contacts, with the right content at the right time, according to their actions and their profile.

Webmecanik Automation : convertir

Keep your contacts and (re)transform them into customers thanks to your adapted messages.

Automation powered by Mautic™, perfected for you

Webmecanik Automation helps you understand your audience, listen to them, and then create a personalised relationship.

You get detailed information on business opportunities. Powerful lead nurturing tools support you to organise your campaigns.

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Webmecanik and Open Source MauticTM

Mautic is an open source marketing automation solution. Webmecanik is the second largest contributor to this open source community. This expertise has allowed us to offer you Webmecanik Automation; a stabilised version, hosted in Europe, maintained, and with a local support team to back you up.


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Webmecanik Automation analyses the behaviour of your visitors, prospects, and clients. It automatically triggers actions, segments your audience, adapts the message, and sends it through the most appropriate channels (SMS, email, web notification etc.).

You contact the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

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Webmecanik Automation is integrated with more than 200 applications natively or through Zapier. Find all of your CRM panels, competitions, event software and webinars etc.