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Automation Update – September 2016

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Automation Update for September 2016

After a hopefully pleasant summer holiday, we’re happy to inform you that the upcoming update contains many new functions! Such as a new email editor and more flexible landing pages, contact management through lead stages, synchronisation with Salesforce becoming bidirectional, the monitoring of mentions and hashtags, and Twitter message posting, and a first statistical overhaul.

Please note that this update impacts the API library for all users. We ask you to carefully read the modifications that are going to take effect. 

List of Features


  • You can find all of the modifications that must be done on the lead and list APIs:

New email and page builders!

Email and page builders have been overhauled to be cleaner and better. This means that custom themes have changed as well.

Lifecycle stages

You can now track your contacts through various stages and lifecycles.

Salesforce sync.

You can now activate a bidirectional Salesforce sync. Read more.

Twitter monitoring

You can now track contact activities on Twitter concerning mentions and hashtags. You can import those contacts to your Webmecanik Automation account! You’ll also be able  to tweet a contact within in a campaign! Read more.

List of Modifications


  • [Pages] [Emails] Switched to Froala editor and added new page and email builder with new themes
  • [Integration] Fetch/sync leads with Salesforce
  • [Contacts] New contact lifecycle stages
  • [Integration] Monitor Twitter mentions or hashtags and and tweet contacts via campaign
  • [Contacts] New contact UTM tag tracking/management
  • [Contacts] Attribution reporting for campaign events


  • [Contacts] Added support to use +/- in filters for relative dates (@ukkokumpulainen)
  • [UI] Updated Chartjs library and added date ranges for all graphs
  • [Email] Added {contactfield=} token support (in addition to {leafield=})
  • [Campaigns] Significantly decrease campaign detail page load times
  • [Contacts] Improved contact query time performance
  • [Campaigns] Improve campaign action to update contact profile data
  • [Reports] Report optimizations to improve stability and performance with option to use report graphs as widgets
  • [Contact] [UI] Improve display of UTM tags in contact timeline


  • [Contacts] Fixed issue user couldn’t re-subscribe contact manually from contact details page
  • [Contacts] Fixed issue where bounced/unsubscribed filters no longer worked for segments
  • [Contacts] Prevented fatal errors when core fields are disabled
  • [Contacts] Avoid to import anonymous leads if the CSV has empty rows
  • [Contact] Fixed HTML issue that caused contact form to not save
  • [Dashboard] [UI] Fixed issue that showed data in graphs on the wrong date
  • [Core] Fixed password reset link
  • [Contact] Fixed issue with filtering contacts
  • [Point] Fixed issue with executing point actions based on page hits
  • [Email] [Page] Style and Script tags are allowed in the Email/Page HTMLs
Thanks to the Mautic team for advancing on the numerous functionalities and bugs in complement of our work.

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Marketing automation evangelist et directeur général de Webmecanik, j’accompagne les agences digitales et entreprises à prendre possession de cette fabuleuse opportunité technologique.
Ancien responsable marketing chez l’industriel leader européen de la salle de bains, je suis convaincu par la puissance du marketing automation dans le but de suivre les leads générés, aider à la conversion client et les fidéliser.

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