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« Les Marketeurs en B2B Ont une Absence : Le Parcours de l’Acheteur »

Par : Margaux Baïs • Un commentaire

Commentaires Webmecanik : Le fameux parcours de l’acheteur. L’article est pertinent et l’infographie appropriée.


B2B Marketers Have A Blind Spot: The Buyer Journey

Last month, I was immersed in face-to-face dialogue with senior B2B marketing leaders from well-known companies who were attending Forrester Forums and FLB events, and one thing was blatantly clear. These leaders are so focused on their initiatives, campaigns, and programs that they have lost sight of the thing that matters most: the customer. In one setting, I led a discussion group about big data. Rather than debate what big data really means and how it can be captured, I focused on how it could be used. I asked the members to think about the different touchpoints their firm has with customers at each stage of the customer life cycle via B2B Marketers Have A Blind Spot: The Buyer Journey.


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  • Carlo Villa • 12 mai 2015

    " Les infos ici sur cette page sont bien intéressantes. J'ai vraiment bien aimé, un article qui est bien écrit et nous permet d’en savoir un peu plus sur le sujet. Bien vu ! "

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