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Les 6 pièges du marketing automation

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Dans cet article, Stacie Susens nous présence 6 pièges à éviter pour implémenter une solution de marketing automation


The 6 Biggest Potholes of Marketing Automation | ClickZ

The journey toward marketing magnificence can be an exciting but nerve-racking adventure. The path to inner peace and profit is not always smooth and there are many potholes that can derail you from achieving automation and scale.
Today, I’d like to point out six potholes to avoid when choosing and implementing a marketing automation tool. Think of this as your map to getting the most use out of your platform.
Not thoroughly researching your needs and options. Jumping into any decision too quickly could either work out just fine or end up being a failure. Would you buy a house without getting an inspection first? Would you jump into a marriage without understanding if your interests and core values mesh well? Of course, some may say yes to these questions, but why take the chance? Think of licensing a marketing automation platform as a long-term commitment and do your research! (…)

via The 6 Biggest Potholes of Marketing Automation | ClickZ.

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