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Automation Update – August 2017

Automation Update – August 2017
We have the pleasure of informing you that the new version of your Webmecanik Automation software will soon be released! You will find new CRM integrations, performance improvements for importing files, UTM tracking for email links, as well as new campaign conditions.
List of New Features
UTM Tracking
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    CRM-Automation integration is not complicated

    Pipedrive Mautic Webmecanik integrationIt all starts with your company being clear about their sales and marketing process
    This being said, it’s actually a pain in the ass :) We have built and keep on improving a worklfow integrating a CRM and our Marketing Automation solution at Webmecanik. Have in mind that, what has shown results for a ...

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    Learn more about Automation

    Learn more about Automation

    Track your visitors and increase your conversions by automating the qualification process. Create automated strategies. Significantly increase the ROI of your efforts.