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Inbound Marketing Berlin

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Inbound Marketing Berlin is a group that meets regularly to discuss emerging trends in inbound marketing and engage in discussion to develop best practices.

Next Meet-Up:
When: 02/03/2017
Where: betahaus
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin


Dear reader,

You’ve probably realised that we’re fans of Inbound Marketing.
We love relevant content, appreciate being contacted at the right moment,
and are rather fond of a multichannel strategy.

From time to time, as part of our marketing automation capacity,
partners ask us to hold webinars.
For us this is a wonderful occasion to spread what we think is a good marketing strategy.


But…what is Inbound Marketing?

To explain we need a short introduction.
As we all know a lot of websites are financed through sponsored ads or sponsored content.
These ads can be placed next to the relevant content; either above it or in the middle.

Do you know all of the annoying pop-ups that open when you access a page?
Or the ads that automatically play a sound at level 100?

Well there is a solution for consumers – Ad-Blockers.

From a company perspective however, it’s useful to reach their target audience.
With AdBlockers becoming more popular and the distaste for them growing,
all of our hard laboured marketing strategies are going to waste!

The question then is how do we reach potential customers when they block or ignore our attempts to get in contact?

The solution: not contacting them at all.

Stay with us.
The key element in inbound marketing is to get to know the needs
and problems of our target group and to satisfy them.
With this knowledge in our arsenal, we can create rich content based on our target groups’ interests and needs.
This way they will approach us!

Then as soon as we detect a person interacting with our content,
we know that they are interested and can begin to build a long-lasting relationship.

This is Inbound Marketing made easy.
This strategy is applicable everywhere no matter the industry.

Now that we all have the same base in inbound marketing,
there are several related themes connected to it.
In our first Meetup we will focus on marketing automation and its impact on delivering a good inbound marketing strategy.

With the topic of our business case, we will be a guest speaker
at the first inbound marketing meetup in betahaus,
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20 in Berlin- KREUZBERG.

19:00- 19:15 : “From web content to call-back”
using marketing automation: Business Case of T-Systems

19:30- 19:45 : “How to take the most out of your community with marketing automation?” Explanation for a blog

19:45 ongoing : Time to network and share our ideas ;-)


To register for this Meet-Up, click here.

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Marketing automation evangelist et directeur général de Webmecanik, j’accompagne les agences digitales et entreprises à prendre possession de cette fabuleuse opportunité technologique.
Ancien responsable marketing chez l’industriel leader européen de la salle de bains, je suis convaincu par la puissance du marketing automation dans le but de suivre les leads générés, aider à la conversion client et les fidéliser.

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Inbound Marketing Berlin

Inbound Marketing Berlin

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