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Dmexco: Coffee and Consultations

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Dmexco in Cologne 14-15 September 2016

It should come as no surprise that an event with over 1,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors for digital marketing will include the presence of Webmecanik; and next week at Dmexco marks an important milestone for us: a first appearance at an industry event in the German market.
This isn’t our first time in Germany however, as for the past three months Berlin has been the home of our first branch outside of France; and with a second branch operating out of Newcastle in the U.K., we’re fast approaching the European network that we once dreamt of in our Annecy HQ.

At the show to give out consultations, demonstrations, white papers, and coffee will be Stéphane Couleaud (Webmecanik CEO), Jonas Couffignal (DE Country Manager), Antonia Kraft (Account Manager), and myself (UK Country Manager). You can find us next to the Agency Lounge in Hall 7 – A055 B058.


Based out of Annecy in the French Alps, we’ve worked in digital marketing for the past 10 years. As an agency, our efforts to provide the best digital strategies for customers brought us to marketing automation. We began offering this as an additional service to clients but after discovering the value it provided the company changed direction and Webmecanik was born.

Now operating since September 2015 solely as a marketing automation company, we have a team of 15 employees across three countries.


We develop new add-ons and increase the stability of Mautic’s open source marketing automation platform; as well as offering hosting, technical support, and access to our proprietary agency portal (myWebmecanik) which makes deploying new instances possible in just a few clicks.

Through myWebmecanik agencies can view usage statistics (such as the number of contacts in each instance’s database), technical details of an instance, billing information, manage user accounts, and deploy marketing automation to new clients. What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert. All of this comes packaged as one of the easiest to use solutions on the market.


Our offering is easy to use, deploy and get to grips with; competitively priced as we are up to five times cheaper than competitors; and open source, so anyone can scrutinise the code, and there is a community of developers doing so, adding to it every day in conjunction with our dev team’s efforts.

You will also have a dedicated account manager in the same country as you who will stay with you for as long as you stay with us. Not only will they be local but so are our servers, which are all based in Europe and subject to European data laws.
If you’d be interested in knowing more, we’d love it if you came to meet us at dmexco for some coffee, a free consultation, and marketing automation guide. Feel free to pop by our stall in Hall 7 – A055 B058. 

See you at dmexco!

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Webmecanik account manager, professional beard grower, and mean Carbonara maker. Studying business management has taken me across most of Western Europe, yet I’ve still to find a room where I’m the smartest person there. A willingness to listen, learn, and contribute continues to shape my interactions with clients. If you promise to only laugh a little bit at my Scottish accent, I’m more than happy to help whenever you want.

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