Generate qualified leadsTrack the behaviour of your visitors

Get in touch with all your visitors

Your visitors are the future business opportunities. These visitors are either anonymous, unknown or already in your database.

Know who consults you. This is your chance to contact your future prospects and get to know which part of your offer they are interested in.

Based on your research you are able to address each one individually. Recognise their profiles and interest automatically due to their browsing behaviour.

Target the anonymous visitors

Anonymous visitors are the ones that left no information through filling out a form on your website. Webmecanik Automation enables you to track their behaviour by tracking the IP address. This happens either with a tracking script or a cookie.

Thanks to this , after they convert (e.g. download a white paper, sign up for a webinar) you’ll be able to view all of their previous behaviour from when they were unknown.

You are one step ahead, you know their interests.

Stay informed about the behaviour of your contacts

If its your clients or your prospects, they are identified through a request, download or simple click in a mail etc.

Yet you know if your clients or prospects have returned to your page and what topic they are interested in. This information is being saved in every contact form and can be transmitted to your CRM.

You can import existing contacts through a .csv file or synchronise them with the CRM. Read more about existing CRM integrations.

Identify companies that come to your website

Through our connected database, we associate corporate IP addresses with the companies using them.

Even if they are anonymous and have not engaged with the site. See the complete process on your dashboard. When you detect a behaviour that meets your criteria of a hot prospect, you’ll know it’s time to get in touch.

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