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Identify your business opportunities. Through tracking the journey of your website visitors, you can discover their areas and level of interest to start a conversation with them.

Identify and Track Your Visitors

Webmecanik Automation allows you to track the behaviour and actions of each and every visitor to your website, without any limit on time period or detail. You enrich the profile of every individual.

Webform Creation

Create clean webforms that identify your website visitors and automatically integrate them on your webpages or landing pages.

Landing Page Editor

Easily create as many landing pages as your heart desires thanks to our drag and drop editor and themes library.

Social Network Monitoring

Capture qualified contacts from Twitter and enrich your database with their mentions and use of particular hashtags.


Save time and leave marketing automation to qualify your contacts. All you need to do is define the criteria for hot leads.

Contact Management

Webmecanik Automation automatically enriches and qualifies your contacts. You can view their behaviour, import and export databases, and even syncronise all of this with your CRM for efficiency.

Triggers and Scoring

Add points to your contacts to prioritise them by importance, and stay informed when they reach the number of points that identify them as a hot lead.
Program alerts for the most promising behaviour!


Webmecanik Automation allows you to segment all of your contacts automatically according to their actions, the characteristics of their activity, and their profile.



Once contacts are identified, the challenge is to nourish a long-lasting and personalised relationship with each of them. By the time your prospects are ready to make a purchase, you’ll have optimised the chances of it being with you.

Email Editor

Carry out intelligent emailing by segmenting your content.
Automation allows you to create emails with its drag and drop editor packaged with a library of templates.

SMS Sending

Drive the sending of SMS content directly from the platform. Think cross-channel, think mobile.
Did you know that 90% of SMS’ are opened within 3 minutes?

Web Notifications 

Integrate personalised messages directly within your visitors’ browser by displaying notifications to encourage them to return or convert.


Follow your campaigns by customising your reporting. You become the conductor of automated campaigns, you know the campaigns that work best, and you decide on your investments.

Campaign Generator

Set up your automated campaigns thanks to one of the easiest-to-use generators on the market.


Personalise your overview of all the activities carried out by the marketing automation tool, so that you can guide it better.


Track your KPIs through customisable reports (emails, web forms, campaigns, contacts etc.) and export them in Excel format or HTML.